Complete Sensor Installation with Just One Connector!

Traditional sensor installation involves two or more steps. And as you have likely seen, the results can lead to problems. With the old system, first mechanical fastener(s) are used to secure the sensor's physical placement, and then another electrical/control connection is required. What if you could reduce the part count, and make these connections with just a single fastener?

Now with EMC Technology™ from SoftNoze you can! Just one fastener, the cordset's coupling nut, makes both the mechanical and electrical/control connections. No tools are required and future sensor change-out occurs in just seconds- no adjustments, aiming or re-setting of sensor gaps are needed! Using SoftNoze HostBrackets™ and EMC-Ready™ Cordsets, your "sensor, mount and cable" become a single integrated system.

With just three components, the absolute fewest parts, sensor installation will not get faster, or easier!

Please click the link below to see EMC Technology™ in action.

Your Sensor

EMC HostBracket

EMC-Ready™ Cordset